Trans Day of Remembrance

Trans Day of Remembrance 2023

Today, November 20, is Trans Day of Remembrance (“TDoR” or Trans Day of Remembrance). TW: Murder/Suicide TDoR is celebrated in many countries in memory of

Change of first name

As we have already mentioned in our article on how to support your trans child, changing your first name can be an important step in the life of a trans person. We

What is a packer?

Attention ! This article particularly talks about phallic objects, penises, and “masculine” passing. Some images of packers will also be included. These terms may make some people uncomfortable

The cost of a binder

The binder, and more broadly gender-affirming underwear, are essential products for trans and queer people. They help reduce gender dysphoria

Binders, trans tape, what to choose?

Between all the types of binders and trans tapes, it's easy to get lost and ask yourself the question: What is best suited for my case?


Binder Original and Binder X-tra

What is a binder? Bodies and body types can vary a lot from one body to another. As a reminder, a binder is a compressive top that allows you to flatten your chest and

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria

What is dysphoria? The word “dysphoria” is generally used to describe unease, distress, or discomfort. For transgender people, this type of distress can be

Best Trans People

The best trans characters in TV series

In today's television landscape, the representation of trans characters is gaining importance. This article highlights the best examples of these characters on television, exploring stories

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