Between all the types of binders and trans tapes, it's easy to get lost and ask yourself the question: What is best suited for my case? Which product to take? 

The different types of binders

The Binder Original and Binder X-Tra models: 

We have two types of models for all our short binders, the Original model and the Binder X-Tra. The Original model is suitable for torsos with A and B cup sizes, while the X-Tra model is suitable for torsos with C and + cup sizes. 

Do not hesitate to read our blog post for more details between these two models.

Binder skins:

“Skins” binders (or skin flesh) are binders with different models that match the color of the skin, for a more discreet binder that will not necessarily show through your clothes. Be careful to choose the binder that closest to your skin color! 

Zip binders: 

Zip binders have a “zipper” closure that makes it easier to put on and take off the binder! This model will be recommended for people with broad shoulders who have difficulty putting on classic binders. In addition to this, we opted for the choice of the smallest “zip”, which will therefore be less visible through clothing. 

Sports binders: 

Our range of binders suitable for sport! Dysphoria often takes up a lot of space during sport for trans people, so what could be better than going to the gym or doing your sports sessions in complete peace of mind by having a suitable binder? With the sports binder, it is a design for more freedom of movement, with slightly less compression than a classic binder but more distributed than that of a bra. 

The bath binder: 

Our only binder suitable for swimming! Why deprive yourself of the beach or the swimming pool as a trans person because of your chest? In addition, the “zipper” closure will allow you to put it on easily and above all not to get stuck in it when removing it.

Long binders: 

Long belly button binders that look more like tank tops/sleeveless t-shirts, which are ideal for discreetly hiding under your clothes. It's more comfortable to wear, and the lycra will take the shape of your figure. Its length will allow you to slip it into your pants so it doesn't ride up.

We recommend these long binders especially outside of summer and high temperatures, as they tend to keep you warm.

The Transtapes

The Transtape is a roll of adhesive tape which allows you to flatten the torso by holding it on the sides. This can allow you to change your gender expression so that it is more “masculine”, which is why this technique is used mainly by transgender people, queer people, or in performances such as drag shows.

We have several different color types, tailored to skin tones for discreet compression. 

How to apply Transtape 

The advantage of Transtape is that it is discreet, can be worn underwater and leaves the stomach and back free, however precautions should be taken when applying it as this technique is not without risk. The tape is single-use, and it is not the safest binding technique. We do not recommend wearing it for more than 8 hours. If worn for too long, it can cause itching, redness and sores as it sticks to the skin. 

We recommend this technique for small to medium torsos. However, if you have a larger torso, don't hesitate to take a look our video on this

Before putting on a Transtape: 

  • Do an allergy test of the adhesive on her skin to check that it reacts well to it 
  • You have clean, dry skin 
  • Protect your nipples (with pasties silicone or cotton with moisturizing cream) 

The transtape cannot be worn for more than 8 hours! You risk damaging your skin and sides 

To remove your Transtape: 

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